Pavlovsky lemon tree

We grow lemon trees suitable for indoor cultivation. It can grow in pots on the windowsills in apartments. Pavlovsky lemon tree will give you the same year-round fragrant flowers and delicious eatable citrus fruit.

Pavlovo lemon tree

Pavlovsky lemon with fruits on the windowsill

This lemon tree cultivation was developed in Pavlovo (Russia, Nizhny Novgorod region) about 150 ago by the merchants brought seedlings from Turkey, brought them to Pavlovo and gave them to their relative in gardening. He managed to get them to bloom and to fruit. In the result of national selection appeared known today houseplant Pavlovsky lemon. Now it is the key tourist attraction of the Nizhny Novgorod region. There is monument to the famous “Pavlovo Lemon” in the central city square for memory of this story.

Monument of pavlovo lemon

This is monument to “Pavlovsky Lemon” in the central of Pavlovo city

Today that citrus culture has become very popular around the region and whole Russia. We have purchase requisition from Moscow, Saint-Petersburg and other cities which buy native Pavlovo indoor lemon tree by post mail.

Today it is the most attractive among domestic lemons from the point of view of growing in the room. It is quite compact and reaches height no more than 1.5 meters. It is an evergreen self-pollinated citrus plant.

Pavlovolimon fruit and flawor

Simultaneously, the fruit and flower on the room Pavlovian lemon

In the adult stage at the same time you can see on it ripe yellow fruits and fresh green and blossom. Abundant flowering takes place twice a year: late March – early April and end of September – beginning of October.

To order seedlings home Pavlovsky lemon tree.

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